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The players take turns placing their pieces on any unoccupied hex. The object of the game is for each player to connect their sides of the board with an unbroken chain of their own pieces. For White, the chain of white pieces would run from the lower left to upper right edge. For Black, from the lower right to upper left. The chain may twist and turn freely on its way from one edge to the other.

White plays first, but cannot make its opening move on the center hex. Play continues until one side or the other has won; the game cannot end in a draw.  

NOTE: Hex-7 has been tested under Netscape Navigator 3 and 4, and MS Internet Explorer 4.  On a 200 MHz Pentium Pro running Navigator 4, the computer's response time at Basic level averages less than 5 seconds. At the Advanced level, a typical move takes 15-30 seconds; but if you've really got the program sweating, it could take a full minute or so to respond.

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